I am Geovanni Brewer let my COPY get you SOLD.

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what you get

The best part of the copysold.com story is that you get an experienced, professional copywriter,
excellent marketing partner, who’s able to see the big picture to give you best results.

Excellent Headlines, Taglines, and Subheadings. And (of course) fantastic “easy to read” copy that perfectly describes your business.

No tricks, and no hype – just clear, engaging Plain-English copy that will connect to your customers and drive them to take action.

Copy that hooks, persuades, engages and sells in your brand’s voice.

Say more with less words.

About Me

You’ve all heard the fresh off the boat stories, of trial and triumphs, twist and turns and blah blah blah... well guess what? I have one. Take a ride with me...

I was born in Spanish speaking Panama, Central America and raised in New York. It was rice and beans, plantains and hot sauce all the way.

I landed at JFK in the cool bellbottom groovy “can you dig it?” years.

I spoke not one word of English.

I taught myself conversational English by watching daytime soap operas and role-playing in the mirror. My accent became a spicy blend of Caribbean coconuts and New York City subways.

That early exercise paid off big time, not just in speaking English well, but also in effective copywriting. My ability to describe a place, a person or a product; and absorb the DNA of a brand, then write persuasively in their voice, is what got me my first job as a TV Producer.

I wrote video scripts for cultural and entertainment programs at NBC/WBZ-TV Boston. Produced, wrote and translated my first feature documentary “Bahia: Africa in the Americas.” Shot on location in Brazil.

As a professional freelance copywriter, this is what I’ve learned:

1. You can’t fake experience.

2. Better to do it best or there will be no Next!

3. Wisdom is the currency that never loses value.

4. Curiosity yields Creativity!

5. Your audience is the audience not you!


Sold millions of dollars in branded content advertising
Engaged millions of viewers
Created massive niche appeal

An Opry Salute to Ray Charles


In Performance at the White House


Celebration of Gospel


Housecat housecall


Tsunami Auction


WellEFX for Pets



you still with me?

Despite my share of rejection, (it comes with the territory) I kept pressing on in TV and corporate branded entertainment. Persisting in turning every “No” into a desired “Yes.”

Emmy and NAACP Image Awards nominations.

Winner of the National Endowment for Education Award.

I was the copywriter for two PBS specials hosted by President Barack Obama.

say what?

Yup! That little girl from Panama went from “the outhouse to the White House”

Without a doubt, the fuel for the trip has been:

* Great ideas

* Problem solving

* Copy that converts

I’ve travelled the world copywriting and producing media projects, from Asia and India to South Africa, Europe and Brazil, learning new languages along the way (Fluent in Italian and Portuguese). A phenomenal ride thus far indeed.

I believe my journey has organically led me to copysold.com

It’s my way of serving, sharing and giving back.

Copy, after all is the connective tissue that brings it all together.

BTW my travelling buddies are ONE great partner, TWO amazing sons and THREE spoiled dogs. I love dancing samba, fast racecars and of course daily prayer and laughter.

But enough about me…. I’m looking forward to learning more about you!


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